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News: AC.copilot
What it Does
News: AC.copilot

My first applet - still useful!

What It Does

Only works with MS Internet Explorer. Though I prefer Opera and Netscape/Mozilla, MSIE is the browser with the best and completest DOM support - sad but true!

This applet uses

  • Java in a browser environment
  • AWT (Abstract Windowing Toolkit) for displaying image and vector graphics
  • Algorithms for moving, turning, and scaling vector objects
  • Multithreading for animating a number of symbols at the same time
  • a Parser for reading configuration files


"The crater of White Island is horseshoe-shaped and open towards the coast. Next to the main crater a number of fumaroles can be found, "Noisy Nelly" being the largest. White Island is privatly owned, and tourists are only allowed to visit as part of commercial tour groups. Helicopter tours are offered (landing spot close to the shore), as are boat trips - a ship has dropped anchor nearby."