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News: AC.log
  • December 19th 2002: AC.log Pro (shareware) has been released - see for yourself how much AC.log has improved in the last two years.

While AC.log will continue to be available for free, all future development will go into AC.log Pro. Check it out!

What It Does

AC.log is a program written in Perl 5 that analyses a web server log file (standard and combined format). From this information it generates some standard reports such as

Excerpt from report
Downloaded files by number of requests
File types by number of requests (shows volume, too)
Requesting host by number of requests (shows last access, too)
HTTP version, result code (percentages)
Browsers broken down by name and version
Operating systems broken down by name and version
Referrers by number of requests
Distribution of requests over the day, week

But wait, there's more! AC.log analyses the behaviour of your visitors. It tells you

From where they came to your site
On which page they entered it
Which pages they viewed most often
How long they were spending on each page
The path they took through the site (yet to be done)
From which page they where leaving
How long the average session lasted
Path through web site

These all are features which you'll normally only find in pretty expensive tools, but AC.log does it for free.

AC.log does not:

produce fancy graphics, but provides clear textual information
generate 273 exotic reports, but gives you the most relevant statistics
require Windows, but runs on any systems that runs Perl 5+
work too fast if the log file exceeds about 30,000 entries (in the current version). On a 366MHz Pentium III with 128MB RAM it does about 1000 entries/sec under 30,000 entries, and about 400 entries/sec above that.
burn a hole in your pocket, but is available for free

What It Needs

AC.log runs on any operating system provided Perl 5 or higher is installed.

What It Costs

AC.log is freeware, so it costs nothing.

You might want to leave your email on the download page if you don't want to miss new updates and plugins. I promise your email address will NOT be used for any other purpose. In particular I will NOT give it to any third parties.

Get it!

AC.log is available from the download page.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that have been asked more than once have been collected in the FAQ list.