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News: AC.log Pro
  • December 19th 2002: AC.log Pro Version 1.0 Early Access released

What It Does

AC.log Pro helps you to get to know your web site users. It accomplishes that by analysing web server usage, providing you with highly valuable information at a low cost on how visitors make use of your web site.

You want to get to know your web site users! Why?

  • You invested lots of time and effort into your web site.
  • Are visitors using the web site in the way you expected?
  • Are they using it in ways that suggest extending, changing, or pruning content?
  • Are there any highly used spots you weren't aware of which might be worth extending?
  • Could you improve the web site so it fits the needs of visitors better (how do they move through the site, what had they been searching for)?
  • Or there any slow spots that need some improved linking and advertising (or plain removal)?
  • Where are the visitors from? How to they get to the site? Are they using search engines, what have they been searching for when they hit a page?
  • Are there indicators the site is being used optimally (no access errors, constant high traffic across most pages, regular and complete indexing by search engines, etc.)?
  • Are there any irregularities which need some attention or fixing (access errors, rarely visited pages you think should draw more attention, search engines not indexing pages, etc.)?

A lot of important questions that AC.log Pro can help to answer.

AC.log Pro analyses web server log files and presents its findings as reports. It has a practical, comfortable, and appealing graphical user interface with a simple 3 step system for log file selection, analysis, and reporting.

  • It comes with the reports you expect (i.e., number of downloads per file, distribution of accesses over time, analysis of error codes, etc.).
  • It comes with a number of reports that usually are only found in high end (and high priced) products (i.e., search engine reports etc.).
  • It comes with unique features not found anywhere else (i.e., world map of hits, neat right-click functions, etc.).
  • It comes with a user-friendly manual and online-help that explains what the reports really mean, how to interpret them, what they can (and can't) show, and where special attention is due - in short, how to get the most of of them.

AC.log Pro allows for the customization of reports to fit your specific needs.

  • It provides a number of useful visualizations (i.e., graphs depicting value over time, ranked list as table with details, top N bar graph for overview, etc.)
  • It provides customization of representation (i.e. line, bar, stacked line, stacked bar, normed stacked line, normed stacked bar, etc.).

AC.log Pro comes with a detailed, user-friendly manual.

  • It explains the usage of the program.
  • It explains what information the reports exactly provide.
  • It provides backgrounders on how the World Wide Web works.
  • It provides information on how data is extracted from the logs and made into reports (so that you know exactly what the reports mean).

[View manual] [Screen shots]

What It Needs

Java AC.log Pro runs on any platform (Windows, Linux, Apple, any!) because it is written in Java. Java usually will be allready installed on your system. In the case it is not (shame on the manufacturer!), the Java Run Time Environment (JRE version 1.4 or higher) can be downloaded from Sun. Just select the JRE for your operating system. It's not too big, and it's well worth the effort ;-).

What It Costs (Discounted Version 1.0 Early Access)

How to test. AC.log Pro is shareware. This means you may test-drive the program for free with all functionality enabled for at least 30 days. If your initial trial license (included in the download package) has expired and you need some more time for evaluation, you may obtain another free trial license from the download page.

What you'll get. Purchasing a full license for AC.log Pro removes the 30 day limit and gets you free life time upgrades on future versions of the product.

How to purchase. If you like what AC.log Pro has to offer you can purchase a full license for US$301 (Early Access: US$251, see next section for details). Buying the software is safe and easy - all major cards are accepted, and your information is protected by using a secure connection and a renowned shareware service (ShareIt). You may even order by fax.

Get It! (Version 1.0 Early Access)

What does "Early Access" mean? "For a limited time only" Version 1.0 Early Access will be available for a discounted price. Instead of paying $301, you'll pay $5 less (making that $251). The program will have some minor limitations, and it might not handle all situations gracefully. But since you are entitled to life time upgrades, you'll later have the same stable version that everybody else has - plus $5 more in your pocket.

AC.log Pro is available from the download page. Here you'll find options to obtain a new trial license or to purchase a full unlimited license.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that have been asked more than once have been collected in the FAQ list.

1 Depending on where you live, value added tax may be added to your total.