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News: AC.MP3
What it Does
News: AC.MP3

Currently, AC.MP3 is only an internal project, and no public release is planned. If you are interested, please drop me a line.

What It Does

I converted all my 300+ music CDs to MP3 and stored them on a large hard disk. I often find, though, that I can't find the song I want. Some MP3 players play songs really nice, but they don't support finding songs at all or not the way I'd like it.

AC.MP3 extracts information on MP3 files from tags embedded in the file itself. It caches that information in a data base that can be updated if you add, change, or delete songs.

AC.MP3 displays songs in a tree structure, in example first by artist, then album on the second level, and title on the last. Big deal, you think. But you can choose which information is displayed on which level. In example, title - artist - album is possible as well, as is any other combination.

And then there are some neat context functions. In example, if you right click on a song, you can choose "Show all albums this song is on" (there might be an original album and samplers), or "Show all artists performing this title" (there might be cover versions). When you right click on an artist, your choices are "Show all albums of this artist" and "Show all titles of this artist". And there is more...

How about exact and fuzzy search for songs. You kind of know the title, but you're not familiar with the language of the song title? Than just give it a shot with fuzzy search, and it might just pop up as the first match.