The Travel Story Authoring System © 1998 Christian Treber

What it Does

Currently, AC.TSAS is only an internal project, and no public release is planned. If you are interested, please drop me a line.

What It Does

AC.TSAS currently has no GUI, but is run as a command line tool.

I like creating travel stories. What I don't like so much to create tables of content for each entry, story, and the whole collection, scale original images for display on the web, maintain page links, calendars, overall style, and all these other tedious things a computer should do.

AC.TSAS: Sample of journey index (see the real thing)

AC.TSAS does that for me. And for you! Just provide some extra information by placing a few special tags in each diary page. These tags describe the date(s) covered by the page, and at which location you started and ended your entry. AC.TSAS parses normal HTML headlines to extract information for the itinerary for the entry, and for the whole journey.

TSAS tags can be used to put images in your text. AC.tsas automatically provides comments from the image data base, creates a scaled copy of the original image, and places images left and right alternatingly, if you want that. Other TSAS tags replace wordy HTML that you won't have to type in yourself anymore.

From the information gathered from the entry, AC.tsas creates the HTML entry page complete with itenerary, links to the previous page, next page, and the journey index. Calendar entries for the days covered are created as well .

An HTML journey page is generated for all entries that make up the journey. It contains the journey itenerary, and links to the previous journey, next journey, and the global index width all journeys. On each level (global, journey, and story), statistics on words/images/panoramas per page, and page size are provided.

To see all this at work, check out my travel pages. Without the help of AC.tsas, it would have been impossible for me to keep a couple of hundred entries and thousands of images up to date, pleasant to look at, easy to browse, consistent in design, and linked without errors.